—  Cubique takes socially relevant themes and transforms them into dance, images, and sound, then presents them in public as films and performances.

 The cube is used as a stage for the performances and as a space for viewing the films. The aim is to facilitate an exchange of ideas with the audience in public spaces, at competitions, and at film screenings. This can take place immediately after the performance or on social media. The starting point is always a socially relevant topic, which gains significance through interactive discussions with the audience and public discourse. “Ne me quitte pas”, Cubique's first production, deals with the theme of domestic violence. The choreography by Nadia Laderias and Dakota Simao (which won them the World of Dance title in L.A. and can currently be seen on French television on the programme “La France a un incroyable Talent”) handles the topic in a very emotional and direct way that is difficult to escape.