«Ne me quitte pas» raconte l’histoire d’un couple, dont la relation prend des formes destructrices et empreintes de violence. 


“Ne me quitte pas” – the story of a couple whose relationship takes on violent aspects.


Teaser - Short movie - Ne me quitte pas



“Ne me quitte pas”

"Ne me quitte pas" tells the story of a couple whose relationship takes on violent and destructive forms. It is about love and hate, power, submission, addiction, injuries, fear, perpetrators and victims and about victims who become perpetrators. While at the beginning of the video the couple seems in love and playful, the situation escalates more and more and the relationship becomes more of a prison. Attempts to emancipate themselves from the relationship are mutually prevented. A spiralling of power and powerlessness emerges, which eventually leads to escalation. The vulnerability of the victim as well as that of the perpetrator becomes visible. the oppressive soundscape and the Changes in the light make the cube, in which the story takes place, increasingly turn from a place of security into a hostile environment.